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Dennis W. Baran

Key Competencies:

Successfully integrates a working knowledge of the Federal Government and its military branch, the U.S. Air Force with an extensive background in experiential education.

Stacy Guenther

Key Competencies:

Skilled facilitator and team coach specializing in positive approaches to personal and organizational transformation.

Jean M. Porto

Key Competencies:

Exceptional coach and facilitator who provides customized workshops focused on communication, leadership development, organizational change, teambuilding, wellness, Emotional Intelligence and Myers Briggs assessments.

Giacomo (Jack) R. Sabia

Key Competencies:

Thirty years of successful management of people, budgets and programs forms the basis for the ability to work effectively with individuals of all levels in the U.S. Army as well as civilian organizations.

Kate Trygstad

Key Competencies:

Generative coach and organization consultant who designs and facilitates experiential workshops created to recognize the unique voices of a group and appreciate the power of the whole to create a shared future.  She adeptly facilitates group experiences and conversations leading to new awareness and meaningful change. Kate brings 25 years of leadership experience in government and the private sector and 8 years of organization development consulting, facilitating, and coaching.   She consults with private sector, non-profit sector and government sector clients.

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